You know that moment…

By | 2012/05/21

You know that moment…

…where you stand in the tea room and joke with your colleague about TV overnight?

…when you look at a colleague who walks into the office and you just know they didn’t get a wink of sleep?

…where you and your colleagues do a fire drill together and joke all the way down 9 flights of stairs?

…when you look at a colleague whose face tells you they’ve just got some bad news?

…where you and your colleagues go out for lunch on a Friday afternoon and unwind after a long week of work?

…when you think about asking a colleague to help, you see the over-stressed look on their face, and decide not to?

…where you say hello to your colleagues when they come into the office?

Your colleague who works from home doesn’t know those moments any more.

Think about it.