What makes me angry

By | 2011/10/01

What makes me angry is this perceived requirement that we in the GBLTI community are meant to always be completely respectful of those who hold opposing views to ours.

Yet in terms of our basic human rights and personal freedoms, we’re attacked by bigots who use religious freedoms and archaic attitudes to “hold us down”.

And we’re meant to always just sit back down, smile and say “Please sir, kick me in the mouth again. I hope my teeth didn’t scratch your shoes.”

Screw that. This isn’t an argument about what football team is better or whether you should tip for good service.

This is an argument about our right to exist, and we deserve to be angry and opinionated about it.

4 thoughts on “What makes me angry

  1. Dr George

    Fuck Yea!
    I’m sick to death of the crap and homophobia we have to put up with under the guise of “religion” or “just sayin”.
    I’m sick to death of being “tollerated” and if I hear one more time “I dont mind what they do at home but why do they have to hold hands in public, it confuses the kids” some one is going to walk home with a size 10 blundstone deep in her homophobic cunt.

    We are GLBTQI, yes that is different to the “normal” white bread christian’s who somehow have been allowed to decide that their way is the only right way.
    I have no intention of becoming asexual or a hermit just to make sure these narrow minded biggots are able to feel comfortable.

    Remember all the loud, proud, strong GLBTI pople before us who have fought, lobbied and even died for the rights we have no. We have a long way to go and being quiet is not going to change shit.

    Wasn’t it a drag queen that threw the first chair at Stonewall? “just sayin”

    Dr George

  2. Steven

    If being gay is the only area of your life where you ever have to deal with bigoted, ill-informed, inconsiderate, rude or just plain nonsensical opinions and behaviour from the ignorant and narrow-minded, then you’re living a pretty fortunate life.

    I face this not just because I’m part of the GLBTTFFI (trying to be inclusive here!) population, but because of a visible physical deformity and even my occupation. I can’t do anything about the first two, and I’m not about to do anything about the third.

    If anyone has a problem with any of these things about me, frankly, that’s their problem to deal with, not mine. I’m more than happy to encourage them, and to help them deal with it, but with the same respect that I expect to have displayed towards me. After all, you catch more flies with sugar than vinegar.

    And consider this – if you want to get wound up and angry about the ill-informed opinions of some ignorant bigot, who are you really hurting?

    1. PMdG Post author

      Hmmm, I guess I’m left wondering whether you’re chiding me on this – it’s sort of starting off like “if that’s all you’ve got to complain about, you shouldn’t be complaining”. Hopefully that’s not the case.

      As to whether I want to get angry or not with arseholes, the point is that just sitting back, smiling and playing the moral high ground doesn’t always work. Sometimes it is necessary to channel the fire in your belly into constructive, forceful responses.

  3. tim

    Really? When did gays become respectful of others opinion? Most gays I know aren’t respectful of anyone’s opinion that runs afoul of their own – whether that opinion comes from a bigot or not. I, for example, refuse to use the silly GLBT acronym and I’ve been called a ‘self-hating’ gay because of it (ironically be lesbians).

    The greatest act that we’ve done that has advanced our cause the most is living honestly and openingly and showing the world that we are normal people. And not responding to hatred and bigotry with hatred and bigotry.

    (interestingly while I was growing up – I received more grief for my red hair then for any perception that I was gay)

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