What if companies were treated like people?

By | 2011/12/26

There’s been a lot of fuss and bother about the American supreme court passing laws that give companies rights akin to real people, and a lot of people see that this is a bad thing.

On the other hand, this transformative process, if done right, might be very good.

Companies treated as people

Now I know lots of people have talked about the disadvantages of this transformation, but imagine some of the advantages, if you will:

  • Cigarette companies could be sent to gaol for manslaughter;
  • Banks that charged say, a $40 overdraft fee to “recover costs” could be charged with fraud;
  • Power companies that cut off electricity to houses where people have life support equipment could be charged with murder;
  • Finance companies that melt down the global economy could be charged with treason in dozens of countries simultaneously;
  • Gambling companies could be charged with theft and larceny;
  • Mining companies that plunder the natural resources might actually have to pay reasonable levels of tax on their obscenely high profits;
  • Churches could be sued for hate speech, vilification and discrimination;
  • And the list just goes on and on.

So as long as we do it properly, I’m all for this American notion of making companies like people.

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