What amazing candidates!

By | 2011/09/17

The Supreme Court in the United States has issued a last minute stay of execution for a man in Texas, after:

“jurors were told he posed a greater danger to public safety because he is black.”

Not only that:

“The justices acted on an emergency appeal after Texas Gov. Rick Perry and state judges refused to intervene.”

(Supreme Court halts Texas execution – latimes.com.)

Within the week, we’ve had Michele Bachmann insist that the HPV vaccine may cause mental retardation (causing me to wonder if this is true, whether she was catapulted through the Forest of HPV Vaccine Syringes and hit every one on the way through), and seen evidence that Rick Perry thinks that it’s OK to go ahead with executing someone who was sentenced partly because he was black.

Dear America – a lot of you may not like Obama, but at least he isn’t a mentally deficient arsehole like your headline grabbing GOP candidates.

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  1. Haiku bear

    Seriously? The mind boggles.

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