We're doomed, thanks to NASA!

By | 2011/12/06

Remember all those inspirational/warning posters that various wildlife and conservation societies used to spread around? They sort of looked like this:

When we're done with EarthWell thanks to NASA, we’re doomed.

Yep, they’ve gone and found an Earth like planet in the Goldilocks zone of a relatively nearby star (600ly away). Kepler 22b.

So all those inspirational posters?

The tea-partiers, the republicans, the climate change skeptics, the Liberal party, the Bachmanns and the Palins of the world – they’re going to resurrect those posters, and they’re going to insist we keep going just the way we are because hell, there really IS now another planet to move to when we’ve finished wrecking this one.

We’re screwed.