Tony’s youa culpa

By | 2015/02/16

Tony Abbott, fresh from a disastrous leadership spill motion where 65% of people not bound by party rules to vote for him voted against him has insisted he’s learnt from the experience.

Normally leaders in such situations have a “mea culpa” moment. Tony, naturally, has had a youa culpa moment, recognising the fault belongs to everyone else.

The fault apparently belongs to voters who apparently absentmindedly vote for parties other than the Liberal party.

The fault apparently belongs to his chief whip, a man so mysteriously powerful that it’s impossible for Tony to communicate with any member of his backbench.

The fault apparently belongs to dole-bludging terrorists who sneak into our country on boats, steal the nation’s money one paltry fortnightly payment at a time and then want to blow it up.

The fault apparently belongs to the ALP who refuse to pass critical metadata retention laws. Tony didn’t need to know what Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop were talking about of course, just the particulars of when they were phoning each other, and whom else they were phoning when they were together.

The fault apparently belongs to anyone – anyone at all other than Tony.

Youa culpa. Tony’s epiphany. It’s all your fault.