Tony Abbott: You’ll never stop me!

By | 2015/02/07

Riding the Bomb

If nothing else, we have to admire Tony Abbott’s tenacity. He’s a bit like the implacable robot from Saturn III. Tony is keen to point out how determined he is to be unstoppable in his unstoppableness. He’s strong, he tells us strongly – so strong his strength is stronger than strong and his plans stronger than strong-strong. He’s that strong.

He’s strong. And he has a plan. (The Cylons had a plan too. Look where that got humanity.)

Back in the darkest days of the Cold War, the term MAD was coined … Mutually Assured Destruction. It was premised on two sides both being too strong. Neither could actually win a war against each other, but by damn they could both kill each other a thousand times over.

Watching Tony over the last few days you can’t help but be reminded of the MAD days of the cold war. An unforgiving, unapologetic and unimpressive pugilist to the end, it seems Tony figures if he’s going to get tossed out of office in an ignominious fall from grace, he may as well lay the ground work for a stunning electoral defeat of his colleagues while he’s at it by painting a leadership change as utter evil.

A staunch monarchist to the end, Tony has suddenly discovered his republican leanings and insists he can only be voted out by the people. (Those some people who voted for Prince Phillip to get a knighthood.)

So they’ll have to drag him kicking and screaming. He won’t give in without a fight. It’s not in his nature. And the karma of it all – to suffer the same fate he so excelled in waving in the faces of his political opponents when he was in opposition – that may very well be too much hubris for one man to wear.

Regardless of whether Tony Abbott wins the upcoming spill event (either by blocking it from happening, or winning a vote for the LNP leadership), he’s now on borrowed time. Every political opponent, whether friend or foe (and lets face it, it seems most of the ‘friends’ are also foes these days) will smell the blood on him and recognise a weakened man one-misstep from disaster.

Black Knight

The Black Knight in Monty Python was defiant to the end, willing to scream at the last, “’tis but a scratch!”, and you can’t help but think of the Black Knight when you look at Tony Abbott now.

There is delicious schadenfreude in the oh-so-public dismantling of Tony Abbott. Not because of tall poppy syndrome, but because of that perfect line from The Mummy:

You know, nasty little fellows such as yourself always get their comeuppance.