Tony Abbott: Fashion Police

By | 2013/08/15

Fashion PoliceIf there’s one thing we’ve learnt in this phase of the election, it’s that Tony Abbott is a man of fashion. Questionable fashion, of course, but fashion none-the-less. And he’s keen to make sure we all abide by that fashion.

Consider his discussion with John Laws on talk-back radio, relegating marriage equality to:

the fashion of the moment

SMH 14 August 2013, Heath Aston and Daniel Hurst, Tony Abbott’s Fashion Statement Under Fire

Having marriage equality dismissively waved down as some hipster movement seemed bad enough, but let’s not lose sight of Abbott’s bigger fashion faux pas just a few days earlier:

In promoting indigenous affairs to one of his top priorities, Mr Abbott said there was no longer institutional racism in Australia and he believed most Australians saw Aborigines and Aboriginal culture as an “adornment” to the nation.

The Australian, Dennis Shanahan, August 10 2013, Tony Abbott’s indigenous vision takes shape

That’s right – Tony’s not only certain that marriage equality is merely a fashionable movement, he’s fairly convinced that most Australians now see Aborigines and Aboriginal culture as an “adornment”. You know, like a bauble on a christmas tree, or a holiday decoration.

Clearly, this is what happens when Tony Abbott opens his mouth without a minder there to pop in the right words – the real Tony comes out. And what does the real Tony look like? Well, the other day we saw him describe a female Liberal candidate as having “sex appeal”, we’ve seen him describe marriage equality as a fashion, and Aboriginals and Aboriginal culture as an adornment.

Yes, that’s right, Tony looks an awful lot like that uncle no-one really wanted to invite to your wedding who turns up in a crimplene suit, makes ribald jokes about the bridesmaid all night and the next day tells his work mates how terribly everyone was dressed.

He’s not just wanting to be the prime minister of Australia, he’s wanting to be the fashion police of Australia too.

And his taste in fashion doesn’t have much to recommend it.