Things about airports…

By | 2010/02/18

Yesterday I flew from Sydney to Auckland (a trip which is becoming quite routine now for me), and this time travelling by myself I had a bit more time to reflect on some of the craziness that comes with travel.

So here’s a few things that leave me puzzled about travel:

  1. If it’s the “Final Boarding Call”, why repeat it at least 6 times, spaced at least 5 minutes apart each time? Doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose of the word “Final”?
  2. Continuing the above, why is the “Final boarding calling” about pulling people’s gear off the plane still not actually the “Final boarding call”?
  3. How hard is it to have a screen at every single gate showing what plane is due to depart next? What 3 planes are due to depart next?
  4. How hard is it to provide announcements when planes are moved from one gate to another?
  5. What’s the go with people standing on a travelator, abreast, completely blocking it and standing still? The purpose of a travelator is to be able to get somewhere faster by walking on a moving surface, NOT to stand there chatting away watching other people walk past.
  6. Why can’t mobile phone manufacturers (and other device manufacturers) work with airlines to come up with a way of allowing devices to be used in flight (even with flight mode turned on) for the entire flight, including take off and landing? If you don’t remember to bring a book with you and only have eBooks, it’s rather annoying…
  7. If everyone – every single person in front of you is filling out a form or carrying a pre-filled form, what makes you think you don’t need to fill the form out that you were handed when you were checked in?
  8. Oh, and a pet peeve from yesterday … if you’re eating an apple in a food hall and you don’t like apple peel, why don’t you grab a plastic knife from one of the various cutlery areas rather than taking bites, chewing the apple flesh off the skin and spitting the skin out onto the table in front of you?