The Kransky Sisters are Coming to Town

By | 2010/03/27

A couple of days ago I introduced a new friend to the joy that is the Kransky Sisters. If you’re not aware of them, here’s one of their songs from a while back that happens to include a haunting saw solo:

As you can imagine from that clip, they’re quirky and they’re kooky, but I think they’re fantastic.

Imagine my surprise when my new friend pointed out that they were coming to a theatre near me – Laycock Street Theatre, April 22. I’ll be there with bells on – well, not literally. I wouldn’t want to disrupt their musical – and entertainment – talents.

If you liked the above, go search for them on YouTube. There’s a tonne of clips, and you have to listen to the stories that preface the songs; they’re hilarious and set the scene for the music.