The 3 x F’s of Business/IT Alignment

By | 2012/10/16

Business/IT alignment seems like such a tricky concept, yet ultimately it’s about successful communication and planning.

It actually boils down to 3 F’s:

  • Function:
    • The systems provided must meet the functional requirements of the business.
    • They must allow the end users to do what they need to do.
    • They must allow team leaders and management to trust the service.
  • Form:
    • The interfaces should be obvious, not obfuscated.
    • The interfaces should be comfortable to work with.
  • Failure:
    • Each system must have contingency for, and protection from failures.
    • The systems, as a whole, must have contingency for, protection from failures.

If these three things are achieved, then we get another 3 x F’s – the 3 areas of fulfilment:

  • Fulfilment of IT personnel;
  • Fulfilment of end user satisfaction with technology in the business;
  • Fulfilment of business requirements of IT.

These things are all obvious – they’re all straight forward, and they’re all something that can be readily worked towards. The challenge, again, is getting the business and the IT department communicating towards those simple goals.

Remember: form, function and failure.