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The discrimination that dare not speak its name

There’s a lot of talk in Australia about discrimination. Us same-sex attracted folk have been talking for some time about discrimination for quite some time, and women are often quite vocal (and rightly so) about discrimination against them, too. Indeed, Julia Gillard, our prime minister, has announced an inquiry into workplace discrimination against women, and… Read More »

Smart phones, and work/life balance

A lot is said of the need to maintain a good work/life balance. The company I work for has a strong ethic around making sure that people maintain a good balance, unlike just about any other company I’d previously worked for. Overall, Australia suffers an epidemic of work/life balance challenges, being one of the worst… Read More »

13 traits of a great consultant

There’s a misapprehension that in order to be a successful consultant (regardless of field), you have to be über-intelligent, certified to the hilt and trained to the nth degree. In fact, when I say “misapprehension”, what I actually mean is “nothing could be further from the truth”. That’s not to say that a great consultant… Read More »

The ten million dollar question

Sometimes my job can drive me a little loopy. Every business has its ups and downs, and every company is great at some things and not so great at others. Some people switch jobs again and again looking for a “perfect” company. They’re like the people who never go into a relationship unless they’re guaranteed… Read More »