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An iPhone 4 review in 10 points

Having been excessively tired of Vodafone and their feculent network on the Central Coast, when it was time for the iPhone 4 to be released in Australia, I was in line for two reasons. First, I wanted to update from an iPhone 3G, but perhaps more importantly, I wanted to shift across to a real… Read More »

iPhone 4 Delayed in Australia?

I personally can’t wait to test out the much touted reception issues with the iPhone 4. You probably think I’m crazy, but actually, I’m perfectly lucid for one clear reason: in order to do that, I’ll have waved goodbye to Vodafone, since I’ll be shifting carriers when I get an iPhone 4. When I got… Read More »

Dear Vodafone

Dear Vodafone, In the beginning, our relationship was fun. You helped me buy my first iPhone, and all you asked in return was for 24 months of love and attention on my part. To start with, all I noticed was the iPhone, but as that just became another limb, I started to realise that you… Read More »