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How would superheroes respond to Trump?

Genesis: It’s one of those bands that’s fashionable to dislike, but you can’t deny it had popularity in its day. Personally, I come and go with their music; occasionally I’ll play a track or two, but it’s not often I seek it out. But when Donald Trump was elected, I spent months with a refrain… Read More »

Billions of humans facing dawning realisation they live in awful alternate reality

Horrific dystopian alternate realities are a mainstay of science fiction. Star Trek notably returned again and again (and again, and again, and again and again and again, and then a few more times just to annoy you) to the Mirror Universe, where evil people grew goaties, left was right, dogs were rats, and deodorant only came in one… Read More »

Hope and Fear

So Donald Trump won the US Presidential Election, and everyone on the middle to the left of politics has been left wondering how the hell that happened. The trumping of conservative and even arch-conservative views over progressive views in the last decade has been an uncomfortable fact for many who hold more progressive views. There’s a… Read More »

Trump worried he might run out of people to offend

With months still ahead before a Republican candidate is named for the next US election, Donald Trump is growing increasingly worried that he is likely to run out of groups to offend. Having already offended just about every religious and ethnic group, poor people, people with disabilities and people with a conscience, Trump is desperately… Read More »