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Australians to face 2016 with lingering fear of political comebacks

Many in-the-pub political pundits had for several years proclaimed that the only way the Australian people would see just how bad Tony Abbott would be as Prime Minister would be to actually experience it, by which time it would be too late. The long national nightmare of Tony Abbott’s faux leadership began on 18 September 2013 and came to none-to-soon an end… Read More »

Unchecked Government destroys our national character

Hugh de Kretser wrote in The Sydney Morning Herald today: The federal government is actively undermining a range of vital checks and balances and stifling criticism of its actions. This is corrosive for democracy and human rights. Attacks on our Human Rights Commission are part of a broader disturbing trend, 25-02-2015 It goes without saying that… Read More »

Tony’s youa culpa

Tony Abbott, fresh from a disastrous leadership spill motion where 65% of people not bound by party rules to vote for him voted against him has insisted he’s learnt from the experience. Normally leaders in such situations have a “mea culpa” moment. Tony, naturally, has had a youa culpa moment, recognising the fault belongs to everyone else.… Read More »

Tony Abbott: You’ll never stop me!

If nothing else, we have to admire Tony Abbott’s tenacity. He’s a bit like the implacable robot from Saturn III. Tony is keen to point out how determined he is to be unstoppable in his unstoppableness. He’s strong, he tells us strongly – so strong his strength is stronger than strong and his plans stronger than strong-strong.… Read More »

Tony Abbott Blame Game

Tony Abbott today emphatically identified the person responsible for the government’s fall in popularity over the last 12+ months. Faced with an angry caller on talkback radio, Tony Abbott artfully dodged all responsibility and made it clear who was to blame: Andrew, the Liberal voter and talkback radio caller who had confronted the prime minister.… Read More »

Tony Abbott switches to worm diet

Blithely unconcerned about his sinking popularity, Tony Abbott appeared before the nation’s press today at Parliament House and defiantly insisted he’d “go and eat worms”. “Nobody likes me”, said Mr Abbott, “Everybody hates me”, he continued, shrugging seemingly unworried – “Think I’ll go and eat worms.” Quite the connoisseur, Mr Abbott insisted he intended to… Read More »

Shock as crowd’s boos not unanimous towards Tony Abbott

Picture it: Melbourne, January 9, 2015. Tony Abbott stands in front of a sports stadium filled with more than 80,000 patrons for the kick-off of the AFC, the region’s premier soccer event. The boos were overpowering. Yet, oddly for many Australians, not unanimous. Independent spectators noted at least 13 people in the crowd did not boo or jeer Tony Abbott… Read More »

2015 Starts Out Big

2015 got off to a huge start as literally dozens of revellers around the world found themselves having a reasonably happy time as the clock struck midnight. Places as far and wide as Amberley, New Zealand and Adak, USA found people staring at the sky in awe as hand-raised fireworks, abandoned months earlier by their mother crackers, were released… Read More »

Putin on the Ritz

Archduck Vladimir Putin of Russia will visiting Australia soon for the G20. As is always the case when we consider the travels of Vladimir, there’s one question burning on the lips of everyone who is anyone: What meetings will Vladimir go topless to? He’s a feisty one, that Vladimir. He could surprise us all and decide to do… Read More »