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Look at how powerful we are

By all accounts as a reaction to seeing two men kiss, an angry and cowardly individual killed over 50 people and injured the same or more. Members of the GBLTI community and undoubtedly some friends of the community too. Look at how powerful we are. Cowards are so terrified of the idea of us having equality, of us being seen, and… Read More »

New national security plan announced

Concerned Australia is facing imminent threat of losing him as Prime Minister, Tony Abbott called a press conference today where backed by a veritable posse of flags, he spoke strongly in firm words with little useful substance about plans to improve Australia’s national security. With an enhanced focus on catching the bad guys, Abbott insisted on taking no questions… Read More »

New terror levels announced

In a specially convened press conference this afternoon, and responding to recent high level attempts to cause significant damage to the government, Tony Abbott announced a realignment and renaming of the levels used to indicate the current terror threat to Australia. “We’re replacing ‘Extreme’ with ‘Malcolm’”, Mr Abbott said, pointing at a new chart. “‘High’… Read More »

Amy and Norway

In the space of a couple of days, we saw a rightwing Christian Fundamentalist terrorist kill over 90 people in Norway, and Amy Winehouse die of most likely a drug overdose. The reaction of some to these two events has been interesting. On Facebook for instance, someone recently commented: There are a lot of people… Read More »