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What’s wrong with Telstra?

Look, I like Telstra. With the exception of their 3G network in the Melbourne CBD, their network is overall, unparalleled in Australia for me, and their general service reliability is excellent. But this is what’s wrong with Telstra, based on my simple requirement this morning of: Activating a new mobile phone for a new employee;… Read More »

The egregious incapacity of Telstra

Telstra, Australia’s number one phone/internet company in terms of market share, certainly has excellent signal strength, data speed (particularly for mobile broadband) and coverage. For those reasons, much as periodically they figuratively bugger me, I keep coming back. OK, so maybe I’m slightly masochistic, but when their shit works, it really really works. But when… Read More »

An iPhone 4 review in 10 points

Having been excessively tired of Vodafone and their feculent network on the Central Coast, when it was time for the iPhone 4 to be released in Australia, I was in line for two reasons. First, I wanted to update from an iPhone 3G, but perhaps more importantly, I wanted to shift across to a real… Read More »

iPhone 4 Delayed in Australia?

I personally can’t wait to test out the much touted reception issues with the iPhone 4. You probably think I’m crazy, but actually, I’m perfectly lucid for one clear reason: in order to do that, I’ll have waved goodbye to Vodafone, since I’ll be shifting carriers when I get an iPhone 4. When I got… Read More »