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How would superheroes respond to Trump?

Genesis: It’s one of those bands that’s fashionable to dislike, but you can’t deny it had popularity in its day. Personally, I come and go with their music; occasionally I’ll play a track or two, but it’s not often I seek it out. But when Donald Trump was elected, I spent months with a refrain… Read More »

A very sexist government

From a simple count, the current Federal Liberal/National Coalition government has 19 core ministerial positions, including the Prime Minister himself. These days in Australia, there are (according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics) just 98 men per 100 women. Yet somehow, of those 19 core ministerial positions, there are is just one woman on the front bench, Julie… Read More »

Michelle Grattan’s “Misogyny war has no winner”

In The Age, October 12, 2012, Michelle Grattan wrote a fairly extraordinary piece entitled, “Misogyny war has no winner“. Michelle’s rather creative title at The Age is “Political editor”. Thankfully, almost all of her pieces are titled “Opinion” these days, because to label them as anything else would be fanciful at best. Let’s have a… Read More »

The (right-)leaning tower of Fairfax

Over the last 18 months, there’s been some very disappointing turns in the political debate in Australia, but one which remains an ongoing puzzle is the way Fairfax has seemingly lurched to the right of the political discourse rather than being centrist. Take today’s (online) front page of The Age, for instance. Two political stories… Read More »