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How's that search going for you, LaCie?

I’m frequently staggered by the inability of vendors, large and small, to provide decent search capabilities on their websites. This routinely happens across the entire spectrum of vendors, from hardware to OS to application, large and small. Search is not supplied by providing a search field and button somewhere in the header or footer of… Read More »

13 traits of a great consultant

There’s a misapprehension that in order to be a successful consultant (regardless of field), you have to be über-intelligent, certified to the hilt and trained to the nth degree. In fact, when I say “misapprehension”, what I actually mean is “nothing could be further from the truth”. That’s not to say that a great consultant… Read More »

Things I learn from search results leading to my blog

Here’s a few common search terms that lead people to this blog: “trundle hd solution” – sorry folks, I can’t help you there. I like it, but I’m not recording my journey through the game. “bards tale iPad” – I share your desire; I loved Bards Tale III, and I’d love to see it on… Read More »