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Who’s afraid of the big bad homos?

The owners of a New Zealand guesthouse who refused to let a lesbian couple share a bed are standing firm despite threats. The Age, “You’re not doing this in my home: lesbian bed ban sparks threats and abuse”, May 21 2013. That’s the introduction to a story about a lodge run in Whangerei, New Zealand.… Read More »

I’m with Stupid

I’ve seen some stupid arguments against gun control, and to be fair, there are stupider arguments than the one I’m about to highlight, but in terms of idiotic comparisons, this probably takes the cake. Paraphrasing, it goes like this: “Don’t like gay marriage? Then don’t get gay married. Same applies to abortion and assault weapons.”… Read More »

Same-sex marriage: a threat to society?

Pretty much every day you hear some oddball proclaim to any and all who will listen about how same-sex marriage is a threat to society. But just how does that work? What are the arguments? Consider some common ones. Marriage is about the procreation of humanity You’d think, with a population of approximately 7 billion… Read More »

Socialism and GBLTI rights

Since writing about my concerns over the strong socialist political agenda that bleeds into the same-sex marriage equality cause, I’ve had a lot of feedback, both on the blog and within Facebook. Overwhelmingly, that feedback has been positive. People across the board are fed up with feeling that a cause important to them is being… Read More »

I hope my face isn't hurting your boot

There is, I think, nothing quite as sad in the GBLTI community, as a homosexual who believes in keeping the status quo and insists we have “enough” rights. Over the last few days I’ve been seeing more friends post messages on Facebook to the extent of: If you don’t support same-sex marriage – if you… Read More »

The dirty word

To me it seems that one of the saddest parts of the marriage equality debate is how one word, more than any other, is persona non-grata to much of the marriage equality camp: polygamy. The problem with reference to polygamy (or even just polyamorous relationships) is that the bigots in the debate use it as… Read More »

No cross on the ballot box

Apparently, there’s a new christian political party in town, the “Australian Christian Party”, and they mean to become the new third force in Australian politics. The Australian political system is historically comprised of two behemoths, the supposedly left-leaning Labor Party and the conservative Liberal/National coalition. Together at any given point these represent the vast majority… Read More »

The hate truck

Normally when we think of truck based shipping in Australia we think of the contents as being such things as food, consumer goods, even household contents. There’s a new truck driving up the east coast of Australia at the moment, and it’s only got one thing in it: hate. Organised by Peter Madden, who calls… Read More »

Translating Margaret Court's Opinion Piece in the Herald Sun

Today in the Herald Sun, Margaret Court (yes, the same Margaret Court who has been complaining bitterly that she’s being stopped from talking) wrote an opinion piece entitled “Priority is to protect marriage“. I thought I’d take a few minutes to translate what I’m reading in some of the key points she makes in the… Read More »

Ratzinger vs Me

Joseph Ratzinger has come out swinging again against homosexuality, claiming again that same-sex marriage is a threat to humanity. I’ve put together a little table to compare the apparent threat I pose to humanity by wanting to get married to my partner, something a lot of people consider to be a threat to humanity –… Read More »