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Trump worried he might run out of people to offend

With months still ahead before a Republican candidate is named for the next US election, Donald Trump is growing increasingly worried that he is likely to run out of groups to offend. Having already offended just about every religious and ethnic group, poor people, people with disabilities and people with a conscience, Trump is desperately… Read More »

Not in my name

There are many things about being Australian I can be proud of. Our treatment of asylum seekers arriving by boat is not one of them. We have a prime minister who has made no secret of his affiliation with religion. Yet, despite that affiliation he has managed to change his attitude towards marriage equality. We have… Read More »

Glenn Beck needs an Emmy

Really. I’m serious. No-one else in the media has ever been able to play “Crazy as a shit sandwich” as well as Beck. There needs to be a new award, or a padded cell. Honestly, the ravings, ramblings and incoherent mutterings of this guy are so nutty that he’s either completely unhinged or he’s an… Read More »

Why I rail against the extreme (religious) right

Explanation I recently was questioned on why I call the extreme religious right hate-mongers and bigots. The temptation was to simply reply “because they are, end of story”, but in reality it needed a little better explanation, so I took a few days to think about it and composed a reply to the person who… Read More »