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Chet Faker ironically becomes too mainstream for Hipsters

Hipster bars across Melbourne and Sydney have been reeling in their latest existential crisis as it becomes increasingly apparent their beloved hipster artist, Chet Faker, had become too mainstream as a result of his appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show. “His dulcet tones, reminiscent of R&B, combined with slightly discordant electronica, random sounds and even more… Read More »

Songs of Science Fiction

Are there any good Science Fiction songs written any more? I’m not talking “let’s go to the moon” style songs, such as Bowie’s “Space Oddity” (“Ground Control to Major Tom”), or Elton John’s “Rocketman”, but I’m talking honest to goodness science fiction songs. I personally think the pinnacle of Sci Fi songs was ’39, by… Read More »

Music and Me

(…or knowing me, knowing you.) It seems ironic that I come back to this old draft just as I’ve been introduced to a great band, Mumford and Sons. (Check The Cave.) Music has a real power over me, particularly when combined with a secondary stimulus. I can watch a sad or poignant moment in a… Read More »

My 2010 sound track

2010 has been a big year for me in terms of personal growth – a permanent mohawk and tattoo are the most visible manifestations of my changes, and obviously I’ve been making big plans, with Darren, for a move to Melbourne in 2011. Mind you, one of the best compliments I got this year was… Read More »

Music from the Universe

Stargate Universe, that is. For many Stargate fans, Universe was an interesting conundrum. It was like it was trying to be part Stargate, part BSG, and not quite sure how big each part was. (I likewise saw similarities with Star Trek Voyager, albeit without the power buns and magically self-repairing ship, but I’ve long since… Read More »