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Goodbye, Alice in Wonderland

So goodbye Alice in Wonderland Goodbye yellow brick road There is a difference between dreaming and pretending I did not find paradise It was only a reflection of my lonely mind wanting What’s been missing in my life – Jewel, “Goodbye Alice in Wonderland” We now have a house to go to in Melbourne, and… Read More »

You have a hole in your mind

It’s very likely that in 5 weeks from today, Darren and I’ll be wearily getting up, having slept on an air mattress overnight, and shambolically gathering our last remaining possessions – cats included – we’ll hop into the car and start the long drive to Melbourne. It’s a funny thing; we’re now at that stage… Read More »

Time to shake things up a bit

When I was just a little over 18 years of age, I left home and packed my things to head off to University in Newcastle. At the time, compared to Parkes, Newcastle could have seemed like the “big smoke”, but I was already aware that it was small fry to Sydney. Over time though first… Read More »