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How would superheroes respond to Trump?

Genesis: It’s one of those bands that’s fashionable to dislike, but you can’t deny it had popularity in its day. Personally, I come and go with their music; occasionally I’ll play a track or two, but it’s not often I seek it out. But when Donald Trump was elected, I spent months with a refrain… Read More »

How soon is now?

Soon I’ll be 42. Ever since I was young, that was a big (and distant) birthday. If you’ve read or seen any of the adaptations of Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, you’ll know the significance of 42. 42, pronounced Deep Thought, the second-to-ultimate computer, after seven and a half million years of calculations, was the answer… Read More »

Unchecked Government destroys our national character

Hugh de Kretser wrote in The Sydney Morning Herald today: The federal government is actively undermining a range of vital checks and balances and stifling criticism of its actions. This is corrosive for democracy and human rights. Attacks on our Human Rights Commission are part of a broader disturbing trend, 25-02-2015 It goes without saying that… Read More »

On homophobic queers

Over the weekend, Ian Thorpe, one of Australia’s most well-known athletes of the last two decades, came out. After being hounded by rumour for years and denying it, Thorpe admitted acknowledged* in an interview he was now happy to call himself gay. The saddest thing in the entire saga, of course, is that Thorpe felt he had to deny it for… Read More »

Them and Us

“It’s your fault Tony Abbott got into power. You didn’t vote Labor!” I’ve had this levelled at me a few times recently. I didn’t vote for Tony Abbott and his über-conservative party of troglodytes. I didn’t vote for Australian jobs to be lost, or climate change policies to be cut, or for even harsher treatment… Read More »

No Hate

In the Star Observer, Tim Scriven writes about CAAH (Community Action Against Homophobia), spiritedly defending the organisation’s production of post-election t-shirts labelled “Fuck Tony Abbott”. CAAH has taken the admirable step of signalling early that they won’t nod sagely while he destroys lives, mumbling that at least he has a “mandate”. They’re carving out a… Read More »

Not in my name

There are many things about being Australian I can be proud of. Our treatment of asylum seekers arriving by boat is not one of them. We have a prime minister who has made no secret of his affiliation with religion. Yet, despite that affiliation he has managed to change his attitude towards marriage equality. We have… Read More »

Unnecessary evil

“If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” Todd Akin, 2012. “Even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that is something that God intended to happen.” Richard Mourdock, 2012. The anti-science climate in the United States is always difficult to observe. Any… Read More »

Running on empty

The interesting thing about sex is that there’s a constant core of sanctimonious puerile obsession about it amongst conservative politicians (world-wide) and religious conservatives/fundamentalists. This obsession with it highlights the great irony of their position – that they’re truly running on empty when it comes to any tangible sense of moral values. If you think… Read More »