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The “no” campaign is unwittingly promoting child abuse

“Wait, what!?” I hear you say, “They’re not even talking about marriage. They’re only talking about protecting children!” The elephant in the room of course, that I want to deal with quickly, is that they’ve already lost the marriage equality debate. As Nick Greiner wrote so eloquently, and reported in The Guardian: “The deliberate conflating… Read More »

Sorry is the hardest word to … hear?

I’ve always been somewhat introspective on that front, and years of study, particularly in philosophy, geared me to always think about thinking. While at times a little surreal, the interesting thing about seeing a psychologist is that your self-analysis capability can kick into over-drive. So I found myself in the middle of an argument on Sunday… Read More »

The incredible shrinking Id

In 2011 I came as close as I’ve ever been to going off the rails. Various pressures from the move to Melbourne, working from home and a variety of other personal scenarios wore away at emotional controls I’d spent most of my life building. So on my 38th birthday, I went and told my doctor… Read More »

The triple edged sword of introspection

“Understanding is a three-edged sword; there is your side, there is the other side, and then there is the truth.” Babylon 5. As the Robbie Williams song goes, lately I’ve been doing a lot of “thinking about thinking”. I’ve been involved recently on Facebook with a private support network of men who all have some… Read More »

Monsters from the Id

Monsters John. Monsters from the Id. On Friday morning, after feeling a little anxiety rising, I found myself again sitting down to another 50 minute session with my psychologist. We started talking about language and the way I ‘see’ conversations when I’m post-analysing, as a result of use of the word ‘issues’ in the previous… Read More »

You have to take the rough with the smooth

In “Gay report shelved, say beyondblue ex-staff” (The Age, 30 September 2011), ex Beyond Blue staff talk of a report that was done into the mental health issues of the GBLTI community, which was subsequently shelved for around six months before finally being released without any media announcements. The statements are fairly damning: Australia’s depression… Read More »

Follow the yellow brick road…

The old idiom of “the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” doesn’t only just apply to physical journeys. Yesterday was quite a surreal birthday. The day started with a plethora of people posting happy birthday greetings on my Facebook wall (that continued right through until this morning, in fact), and ended… Read More »

Step right up, step right up, place your bets

There seems to be something suitably ironic in the fact that the first appointment that I could get with my GP in order to start the “I think I’ve got a mental health issue” discussion happens to be my birthday. Since it’ll be followed by a birthday dinner with my two best friends, I guess… Read More »