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My personal journey to Apple

A few days ago a University buddy asked me if I’d mind blogging about the factors that led me to the point of being such a strong Apple enthusiast. I’d like, from the outset, to clarify that I’m not a fanboy. I’m a technologist; indeed, frequently those who lump me into the “fanboy” category usually… Read More »

I'm a technologist, fanboy

You want to go on a rant about how one platform is better than the others and that anyone who believes otherwise is a mindless zombie captured by the marketing forces of the company you currently loathe? I’ve got news for you, fanboy. Yes, fanboy. You’re a fanboy. You use the word derisively against others who… Read More »

Reflections on Macintosh: All function over form

I was struck this morning by how wrong one of the standard attacks on Apple’s Macintosh computers are. Windows fanboys in particular will exclaim: Macs are all form over function. Nothing, I realised, could be further from the truth. In fact, the regular PC industry, as well as the non-Apple operating system range are obsessed… Read More »