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Operation GrowOld Instituted To Remove Children From Detention

Reacting angrily to claims they are wilfully imprisoning children within hellish detention centres situated in poverty stricken countries where they are subject to rape, physical abuse, anguish and complete dehumanisation, the Australian Federal Government has announced its latest plan to reduce to zero the number of asylum seeker children being held. “Our bold new plan will ensure no child is left in a detention centre”,… Read More »

Them and Us

“It’s your fault Tony Abbott got into power. You didn’t vote Labor!” I’ve had this levelled at me a few times recently. I didn’t vote for Tony Abbott and his über-conservative party of troglodytes. I didn’t vote for Australian jobs to be lost, or climate change policies to be cut, or for even harsher treatment… Read More »

Why Combet is right (and Labor is wrong)

In Combet Blasts ALP whingers, The Age outlines a recent speech by Greg Combet, Minister for Climate Change which was apparently quite fiery. Mr Combet used four-letter words to rebuke those who claimed Labor didn’t know what it stood for any more and that it had lost its values. Combet Blasts ALP whingers, Chris Johnson,… Read More »

Labor Right says "Screw representation"

In The Age: Labor’s Right slams gay reform, the right leaning faction of the Labor party finally reveals that it doesn’t really care about representing the people, just some people – presumably the people who agree with it. Regarding the discussions within Labor about changing its official stance towards same-sex marriage: NSW senator Ursula Stephens said… Read More »

Analysing conservative reactions to losing elections

Nothing says “bad sports” like conservative politicians losing elections. They’re not only bad winners, but they’re also terribly, terribly bad losers. Here’s the way conservatives work: If they win by 1 seat, or 1 tenth of a vote, they have a “clear and firm mandate from the public” to implement whatever scheme they talked about… Read More »

Why Julia won't get my vote

Julia Gillard will not be getting my vote when the next federal election comes calling. Nor will her local federal candidate in my electorate. The who I’ll vote for instead is easy – the Greens – but I want to justify the why. In regards to the way she got the top job, and the toppling… Read More »

Julia for PM?

The news sites are awash with stories about the leadership spill coming at 9am this morning in Australia. If even half of the media is correct, Julia Gillard will become Australia’s first female prime minister, and Kevin Rudd will become the first Labor prime minister to ever be kicked out of office by his own… Read More »