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Michelle Grattan’s “Misogyny war has no winner”

In The Age, October 12, 2012, Michelle Grattan wrote a fairly extraordinary piece entitled, “Misogyny war has no winner“. Michelle’s rather creative title at The Age is “Political editor”. Thankfully, almost all of her pieces are titled “Opinion” these days, because to label them as anything else would be fanciful at best. Let’s have a… Read More »

The (right-)leaning tower of Fairfax

Over the last 18 months, there’s been some very disappointing turns in the political debate in Australia, but one which remains an ongoing puzzle is the way Fairfax has seemingly lurched to the right of the political discourse rather than being centrist. Take today’s (online) front page of The Age, for instance. Two political stories… Read More »

Why Julia won't get my vote

Julia Gillard will not be getting my vote when the next federal election comes calling. Nor will her local federal candidate in my electorate. The who I’ll vote for instead is easy – the Greens – but I want to justify the why. In regards to the way she got the top job, and the toppling… Read More »

Julia for PM?

The news sites are awash with stories about the leadership spill coming at 9am this morning in Australia. If even half of the media is correct, Julia Gillard will become Australia’s first female prime minister, and Kevin Rudd will become the first Labor prime minister to ever be kicked out of office by his own… Read More »