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My personal journey to Apple

A few days ago a University buddy asked me if I’d mind blogging about the factors that led me to the point of being such a strong Apple enthusiast. I’d like, from the outset, to clarify that I’m not a fanboy. I’m a technologist; indeed, frequently those who lump me into the “fanboy” category usually… Read More »

Fairfax: Click whores or Windows Fanboys?

I actually quite like Fairfax, generally. They’re somewhat left-wing in their outlook, and as such represent added balance in an oft-times boganised Australian media landscape. However, when it comes to consumer tech stories, I honestly wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire. For years, they’ve beaten a big drum bemoaning everything Apple. Thus,… Read More »

…yourself, do you?

Quick, have a look at this snapshot of Apple’s i* product range: Go from left to right, and you’ve got the following products: iPad iPhone iPod shuffle iPod nano iPod touch iPod classic There isn’t however an “iTouch”. Guess what? Whenever I hear someone talk about “iTouch”, I’m not hearing a discussion about an electronic… Read More »

Cargo cults aren't dead, they just evolved

If you’re not familiar with cargo cults, you might want to read up on them. To summarise though, they sprang up around the Pacific Islands in particular, and mainly had their roots in villagers noticing behaviours associated with more advanced societies using islands for staging and delivery of goods, then imitating that behaviour. From the… Read More »