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The toxic Nile

In ancient Egypt, the Nile was the absolute lifeblood of the country; in Australia, it’s anything but. Instead, the word ‘Nile’ as much as anything else represents toxicity in politics … via “Reverend Fred Nile”. A member of the upper house of the NSW parliament, Fred represents highly conservative christian views that seemingly harken back… Read More »

Dear Bob

Dear Bob, Can I call you Bob, Bob? I realise Parliament bestows the title “Honourable Member” on you, but your behaviour of late has been anything short of honourable, so I’m dropping that honorific for you. I’m encouraging the rest of Australia to do so, too. It’s only fair. It seems to have gone to… Read More »

I don’t want to be gay

Every couple of weeks, I see a search result leading to my blog of “I don’t want to be gay”. It’s time I address that. So this post is for you, if you’ve typed that into a search engine, and found my blog as a result. Being gay does not make you a bad person… Read More »

What they say / what I hear

There are four really common rebuttals to homosexuality touted by various religions, and given that not only are homophobic men are very likely to be aroused by homosexual behaviour, but homophobic rebuttals tend to have minimal to no logic in them, I thought it worthwhile running through those four arguments – what they say, and what… Read More »

82 reasons to maintain the rage

Occasionally someone with a strong religious background has decided to ‘chide’ me for arguing so strongly for gay rights. After all, people are entitled to their point of view, aren’t they? As I’ve said before, not when their demand for religious freedom significantly hampers the personal freedom of others. But that’s not even the main reason why… Read More »

Bigoted 'logic'

I often get told by people who denounce homosexuality that they only do so because “Jesus would not approve”, or that “The bible is against it”. One thing apologists and right wing Christians seem to take umbrage to is my firm denunciation of the worst elements of religion. Does that make me anti-religion? Yes and… Read More »

When does an information request become discriminatory?

Hanlon’s Razor states: Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity. I’ve been reminding myself of Hanlon’s Razor quite a bit over the last month or so – every time I think of the recent story of a friend who applied for life insurance with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia –… Read More »

Why Julia won't get my vote

Julia Gillard will not be getting my vote when the next federal election comes calling. Nor will her local federal candidate in my electorate. The who I’ll vote for instead is easy – the Greens – but I want to justify the why. In regards to the way she got the top job, and the toppling… Read More »

What's wrong about homophobia?

These days I try to make an effort to not call someone homophobic. Instead I settle for a simpler word – bigot. There’s a very important reason why I do that. We don’t tend to call racists xenophobic, and usually when we do, it’s only because xenophobia sounds slightly more polite than racism. The simple… Read More »