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The egregious crime of simply not giving a damn

Another month, another mindless mass shooting in the United States. They happen so regularly it seems that if you take a few days sabbatical from the news you’ll miss another one. Ten people dead here. Twenty dead there. Mass murders are cheap and easy in the land of the free access to the gun. There’s two inevitable arguments… Read More »

Racing to the bottom

Some weeks, it seems that conservatives around the world are engaged in a race to the bottom. Continuing their blitzkrieg on homosexuality, the Russian government isn’t just interested in banning any mention of the word gay, they’re also banning openly gay people too – including tourists. Given Russia has managed to elevate itself to “Sh*t Hole… Read More »

Tidings of comfort and joy

Darren and I went out this morning and wandered around Melbourne, doing a bit of pseudo-xmas shopping and spending the morning together. (I say “pseudo-xmas shopping” because we don’t really wait until xmas day to give each other presents, and we don’t necessarily buy things as xmas presents for one another – it’s just what… Read More »