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One of the most common cries coming from Russian lawmakers (amongst others) at the moment regarding the anti-GBLTI laws enacted is the simple, seemingly innocuous statement: You must respect our laws. It’s what they’re saying to visitors, potential visitors, and critics alike. They’re wrong. Utterly wrong. Respect is not given: respect is earned. Visitors heading… Read More »

The day the earth didn’t stand still

Despite previous failures on equalising the rights for the GBLTI community, the Australian Parliament yesterday passed a number of reforms to the anti-discrimination act. Intersex people got huge recognition, which of course is, in and of itself, fantastic. Another critical piece of legislation focused on the care of elderly GBLTI citizens. In particular, the legislation… Read More »

How much respect do we deserve?

As a minority group, the GBLTI community often has to deal with vicious attacks from bigoted members of the broader community. This is something we collectively rail against. Treat us with respect, we cry. It’s a valid demand – respect is something that should be accorded to all people, of course. Then you wake up on… Read More »

The avalanche has started

In cartoons we see avalanches almost invariably starting the same way. It’s clichéd, in fact – a small pebble propping up a huge boulder gets bumped. The pebble falls away, and moments later the boulder comes tumbling down after it. After that of course, the avalanche is inevitable. And if it happens to be Wile E.… Read More »

Dear Conservatives and Capitalists

There’s another set of Equal Love/Marriage Equality rallies coming up, and I thought I’d jump in early and try to address some ongoing concerns conservatives and capitalists have about these rallies. Dear Conservatives and Capitalists, Think of society as a circle. Some of us are in the centre of the circle, some of us are… Read More »

The zero parent

Airports are funny things; I either arrive with plenty of time before my flight, or (less frequently) in a flustered rush. When I’ve got time, I usually seek out a bookstore/newsagent. Airlines still work on the deluded premise that passenger electronic devices in flight mode might somehow disturb take-off and landing, even as they hand… Read More »

Dear Bob

Dear Bob, Can I call you Bob, Bob? I realise Parliament bestows the title “Honourable Member” on you, but your behaviour of late has been anything short of honourable, so I’m dropping that honorific for you. I’m encouraging the rest of Australia to do so, too. It’s only fair. It seems to have gone to… Read More »

Socialism and GBLTI rights

Since writing about my concerns over the strong socialist political agenda that bleeds into the same-sex marriage equality cause, I’ve had a lot of feedback, both on the blog and within Facebook. Overwhelmingly, that feedback has been positive. People across the board are fed up with feeling that a cause important to them is being… Read More »

Translating Margaret Court's Opinion Piece in the Herald Sun

Today in the Herald Sun, Margaret Court (yes, the same Margaret Court who has been complaining bitterly that she’s being stopped from talking) wrote an opinion piece entitled “Priority is to protect marriage“. I thought I’d take a few minutes to translate what I’m reading in some of the key points she makes in the… Read More »

Making sense of gay rights

The extreme right, bigots, bogans, and other suppressors of social advancement often spout the nonsense that gays, lesbians, transexuals, intersexed and bisexual folk are after special rights when we talk about sensitive issues, such as say, the right to marry. Since this is seemingly a really difficult concept to understand, I’ve decided to flowchart it. After… Read More »