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On homophobic queers

Over the weekend, Ian Thorpe, one of Australia’s most well-known athletes of the last two decades, came out. After being hounded by rumour for years and denying it, Thorpe admitted acknowledged* in an interview he was now happy to call himself gay. The saddest thing in the entire saga, of course, is that Thorpe felt he had to deny it for… Read More »

To Russia with Love

Dear Vladimir, You don’t mind if I call you Vlad, do you, Mr Putin? I hope we don’t have to be on formal terms. After all, you’re the President of an entirely different country and there’s no real formal relationship between us. And besides, Russia epitomises the process of class equality – you even had… Read More »

I don’t want to be gay

Every couple of weeks, I see a search result leading to my blog of “I don’t want to be gay”. It’s time I address that. So this post is for you, if you’ve typed that into a search engine, and found my blog as a result. Being gay does not make you a bad person… Read More »

I know what humanity really needs to be saved from

In an article in the UK Telegraph, we’re told that Pope Ratzinger recently declared in an address that “saving” humanity from homosexuality and transexuality can be compared to saving the environment: In his address to the Curia, the Vatican’s central administration, the Pope himself described behaviour beyond traditional heterosexual relations as “a destruction of God’s… Read More »

Happy Gay Anniversary

With all the talk about “gay marriage rights” really just being about “marriage rights”, I thought I might spend a moment to actually talk about something that justifiably can have the “gay” appellation attached to it. A gay anniversary. We found out last night that this weekend marks the 31st Anniversary of the Laird Hotel.… Read More »

What makes me angry

What makes me angry is this perceived requirement that we in the GBLTI community are meant to always be completely respectful of those who hold opposing views to ours. Yet in terms of our basic human rights and personal freedoms, we’re attacked by bigots who use religious freedoms and archaic attitudes to “hold us down”.… Read More »

How often do you come out?

Christopher Banks (aka @bipolarbear) has a great article, David Farrier: Sex with dolphins and the gay agenda, where he takes to task the notion that being closeted is in some way easy. In particular, referring to a New Zealand journalist, David Farrier, Christopher says: To be fair, David isn’t the kind of guy who regularly… Read More »

Bob Katter wants his gay desserts

In a recent rally against same-sex marriage, Bob Katter, Australia’s answer to “how conservative can a politician get without wearing horsehair underpants?”, pulled out the completely batshit crazy excuse for arguing against same-sex marriage – that being that the word “gay” had been taken away from him: The Queensland MP harked back to a time… Read More »

"You're evil, and must be stopped!"

I still remember it clearly. Central Station Sydney, a mid-60s woman staggers back, as if physically assaulted, from the young man she’d been talking to, and shrilly screams, “You’re evil, and must be stopped!” She lets out a sharp sob of anger? frustration? horror?, and staggers away. People hurrying about their business stop for a… Read More »