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Come out, come out, wherever you are

There’s been a bit of a discussion in recent months as to whether it’s ethical or appropriate to out closeted people, particularly if they’re in the public eye. There’s one argument that states people should be outed so that there continues to be an erosion of stigmatism to being gay. There’s another argument that says the mere… Read More »

Running on empty

The interesting thing about sex is that there’s a constant core of sanctimonious puerile obsession about it amongst conservative politicians (world-wide) and religious conservatives/fundamentalists. This obsession with it highlights the great irony of their position – that they’re truly running on empty when it comes to any tangible sense of moral values. If you think… Read More »

Translating Margaret Court's Opinion Piece in the Herald Sun

Today in the Herald Sun, Margaret Court (yes, the same Margaret Court who has been complaining bitterly that she’s being stopped from talking) wrote an opinion piece entitled “Priority is to protect marriage“. I thought I’d take a few minutes to translate what I’m reading in some of the key points she makes in the… Read More »

Rampant WTFery

In “Time for gay marriage to get the nod in Australia” (Herald Sun), Susie O’Brien argues: We should encourage the bigoted, homophobic opponents of gay marriage to come forward and justify their desire to discriminate. The vitriol levelled at Susie and gays in the comments exemplifies a lot of those attitudes: Not only is it… Read More »

5,506 days

Darren and I consider the start of our relationship proper to be 30 November 1996. That means as of today, as I type this post, we’ve been together for 5,506 days. Yet somehow, we don’t qualify for marriage. On the other hand: Sinead O’Connor announced today that her and her latest husband split after 16 days… Read More »

Special vs Equal Rights

Today the US government tied foreign aid to the level of treatment offered to the LGTBI population of countries, following in the footsteps of Great Britain. Predictably, the right wing politicians and fundamentalist religious types have been quick to condemn this. For instance, the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, condemned it, saying: “This administration’s war… Read More »

Hollow victories or baby steps?

Yesterday, in an apparently historic move in Australia, the ALP voted at their national conference to amend their position on marriage such that it was no longer exclusively between a man and a woman. However, the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, managed to carry the day with the proposition that any vote on changing the law… Read More »

What's a choice?

Sometimes it’s confusing as to what you can choose, and what you have no say in, and I thought I might set out some examples to help bring a little enlightenment to this. Here goes… Something you don’t get a choice about: Your sexuality: Heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual. You are what you are, and fighting it… Read More »

What makes me angry

What makes me angry is this perceived requirement that we in the GBLTI community are meant to always be completely respectful of those who hold opposing views to ours. Yet in terms of our basic human rights and personal freedoms, we’re attacked by bigots who use religious freedoms and archaic attitudes to “hold us down”.… Read More »

Opponents to same sex marriage still coming across as batshit crazy

In, “Gay marriage should be ridiculed, says Independent Bob Katter | Perth Now“, we’re given some of the rationale from Bob Katter and Barnaby Joyce as to why same-sex marriage shouldn’t be allowed. First from Barnaby Joyce: Nationals Senate leader Barnaby Joyce said his four daughters would be affected if same sex marriage was allowed.… Read More »