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No Choice!

It’s another election, so queue the assemblage of people ready to rush out and tell you to vote informally because there’s so little difference between the Liberal/National Coalition and the Labor party. I know even 6 months ago I was frustrated enough with the political discourse in Australia that I finally realised why people might be… Read More »

They’re making an ass of me

For years I’ve emphatically said that I don’t understand how any one could deliberately do an informal (i.e., invalid) vote in an election. Now as we approach an election year, I’m starting to see why people reach that point. At the primary party level – ALP and Liberal/National Coalition – we have the choice between… Read More »

Analysing conservative reactions to losing elections

Nothing says “bad sports” like conservative politicians losing elections. They’re not only bad winners, but they’re also terribly, terribly bad losers. Here’s the way conservatives work: If they win by 1 seat, or 1 tenth of a vote, they have a “clear and firm mandate from the public” to implement whatever scheme they talked about… Read More »