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Russia announces all new events for Winter Olympics

Russia has announced some new events for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, and they’re hoping these will become a default fixture of the Olympics. “We believe these events are in the best spirit of the Olympics, and will set the world ablaze with excitement”, an un-named Russian official might be quoted as having said. Developed… Read More »

The day the earth didn’t stand still

Despite previous failures on equalising the rights for the GBLTI community, the Australian Parliament yesterday passed a number of reforms to the anti-discrimination act. Intersex people got huge recognition, which of course is, in and of itself, fantastic. Another critical piece of legislation focused on the care of elderly GBLTI citizens. In particular, the legislation… Read More »

Is there room for one more?

  In a shopping centre my partner and I used to frequent on the central coast, each parking lot would have sections of preferential parking. Closest to the entrances would be disabled parking. Then, the next row or so of parks would be “seniors parking”. After that, there’d be a couple of rows of “parents… Read More »

What's a choice?

Sometimes it’s confusing as to what you can choose, and what you have no say in, and I thought I might set out some examples to help bring a little enlightenment to this. Here goes… Something you don’t get a choice about: Your sexuality: Heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual. You are what you are, and fighting it… Read More »

Labor Right says "Screw representation"

In The Age: Labor’s Right slams gay reform, the right leaning faction of the Labor party finally reveals that it doesn’t really care about representing the people, just some people – presumably the people who agree with it. Regarding the discussions within Labor about changing its official stance towards same-sex marriage: NSW senator Ursula Stephens said… Read More »

The freedom rule

In an article in the Australian, “Julia Gillard reaches out to Christian Leaders“, I saw yet again the oft-repeated religious cry – this time from someone I wouldn’t piss on if he were on fire, Cardinal George Pell: Cardinal Pell said the leaders told Ms Gillard: “We are very keen to ensure that the right… Read More »

"You're evil, and must be stopped!"

I still remember it clearly. Central Station Sydney, a mid-60s woman staggers back, as if physically assaulted, from the young man she’d been talking to, and shrilly screams, “You’re evil, and must be stopped!” She lets out a sharp sob of anger? frustration? horror?, and staggers away. People hurrying about their business stop for a… Read More »

The immoral discrimination litmus test

Conservative religious groups make much ado about the “right to religious freedom”, and specifically the subsequent demand that they be allowed to avoid prosecution from discrimination on the basis of those beliefs. This, for the most part, is bovine fecal matter, since for the most part it’s actually about demanding legal freedom to be a… Read More »