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Not in my name

There are many things about being Australian I can be proud of. Our treatment of asylum seekers arriving by boat is not one of them. We have a prime minister who has made no secret of his affiliation with religion. Yet, despite that affiliation he has managed to change his attitude towards marriage equality. We have… Read More »

I still don't feel proud on Australia day

So another year has rolled on, and I find myself reflecting on what I wrote last year, “Why I’m not proud to be an Australian today“. In reality, the same holds true for this year as did for last year. Sure, there’s lots of things to love about being Australian. The recent floods in Queensland… Read More »

The boganisation of the asylum seeker discussion

The asylum seeker discussion in Australia – most notably the discussion about people who attempt to travel to Australia via unauthorised means – has for the last decade been increasingly boganised. It’s been taken over by the Today Tonight/A Current Affair world of absolutes and sensationalism – of 30 second sound grabs and thinly veiled… Read More »