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Government announces sweeping protections for bullies

BREAKING: The Federal Government today announced sweeping new protections for bullies in schools, designed to counteract a growing trend towards tolerance and acceptance being seen in younger generations. “For too long bullies have been oppressed, their civil rights to abuse and taunt removed from them by insidious movements founded on faggy notions like ‘inclusion’ and ‘friendship’”,… Read More »

Don’t preach appeasement at me

“They’re not bigots, they just have strong religious views.” “They’re not bigots, they just have a different cultural background.” “They’re not bigots, they just prefer a conservative fiscal policy.” I’m tired of people who are supportive of bigoted policies preaching at me to follow a path of appeasement. That somehow, to be the “better man”,… Read More »

The dirty word

To me it seems that one of the saddest parts of the marriage equality debate is how one word, more than any other, is persona non-grata to much of the marriage equality camp: polygamy. The problem with reference to polygamy (or even just polyamorous relationships) is that the bigots in the debate use it as… Read More »

What's a choice?

Sometimes it’s confusing as to what you can choose, and what you have no say in, and I thought I might set out some examples to help bring a little enlightenment to this. Here goes… Something you don’t get a choice about: Your sexuality: Heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual. You are what you are, and fighting it… Read More »