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Not in my name

There are many things about being Australian I can be proud of. Our treatment of asylum seekers arriving by boat is not one of them. We have a prime minister who has made no secret of his affiliation with religion. Yet, despite that affiliation he has managed to change his attitude towards marriage equality. We have… Read More »

Equality for … bigots?

In Homosexuality is natural. Fine. But what if homophobia is too?, Sean Thomas writes: [I]t is at least arguable that homophobia is unconscious – and inherited. … If we’re going to extend equal right to homosexuals, because homosexuality is perfectly natural, we also need to extend equal rights to homophobes, for exactly the same reason. telegraph.co.uk,… Read More »

Dear Homophobe

Dear Homophobe, You know all those times at school when you called another student “faggot” and pushed him around? The reason he didn’t come back in year 11 was because he committed suicide, but since you were a heavy influencer of his emotional state, we’ll call it manslaughter and say you’re complicit in it. You… Read More »

The unthinking bigot

Read through enough of my blog and you’ll likely see some contradictory posts. While sometimes I cringe at what I’ve written in the past, I tend not to delete it, even when I disagree with it, because it actively demonstrates that I’ve changed, and grown. I have somewhat of a mental blank when it comes to… Read More »

What they say / what I hear

There are four really common rebuttals to homosexuality touted by various religions, and given that not only are homophobic men are very likely to be aroused by homosexual behaviour, but homophobic rebuttals tend to have minimal to no logic in them, I thought it worthwhile running through those four arguments – what they say, and what… Read More »

Glenn Beck needs an Emmy

Really. I’m serious. No-one else in the media has ever been able to play “Crazy as a shit sandwich” as well as Beck. There needs to be a new award, or a padded cell. Honestly, the ravings, ramblings and incoherent mutterings of this guy are so nutty that he’s either completely unhinged or he’s an… Read More »

Expel this!

In ‘Appalling’ law lets schools expel gay students (Sydney Morning Herald), we’re told: A SENIOR Anglican bishop calls it “appalling” and a gay and lesbian rights group condemns it as “deeply offensive”, but the Attorney-General, John Hatzistergos, backs a NSW law that allows private schools to expel gay students simply for being gay. The law,… Read More »

When does an information request become discriminatory?

Hanlon’s Razor states: Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity. I’ve been reminding myself of Hanlon’s Razor quite a bit over the last month or so – every time I think of the recent story of a friend who applied for life insurance with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia –… Read More »

What's wrong about homophobia?

These days I try to make an effort to not call someone homophobic. Instead I settle for a simpler word – bigot. There’s a very important reason why I do that. We don’t tend to call racists xenophobic, and usually when we do, it’s only because xenophobia sounds slightly more polite than racism. The simple… Read More »