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Trump worried he might run out of people to offend

With months still ahead before a Republican candidate is named for the next US election, Donald Trump is growing increasingly worried that he is likely to run out of groups to offend. Having already offended just about every religious and ethnic group, poor people, people with disabilities and people with a conscience, Trump is desperately… Read More »

The Kim Davis Alternative

Rumours are circling this morning that figures in the Australian government are reviewing options for a daring rescue of Kentucky Bigot Kim Davis from her gaol cell. It’s believed that certain conservatives in the Liberal party feel that Ms Davis may the last hope of a government desperate to prevent marriage equality. Having recently solved the Brownyn Bishop… Read More »

Liberty and equality

The great French thinker, Voltaire, is famously quoted as saying: “I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” This has shaped a great deal of Western democracies, either directly or subtly, and it undoubtedly has its place. But it’s time to revisit the notion that… Read More »

You have to take the rough with the smooth

In “Gay report shelved, say beyondblue ex-staff” (The Age, 30 September 2011), ex Beyond Blue staff talk of a report that was done into the mental health issues of the GBLTI community, which was subsequently shelved for around six months before finally being released without any media announcements. The statements are fairly damning: Australia’s depression… Read More »

Glenn Beck needs an Emmy

Really. I’m serious. No-one else in the media has ever been able to play “Crazy as a shit sandwich” as well as Beck. There needs to be a new award, or a padded cell. Honestly, the ravings, ramblings and incoherent mutterings of this guy are so nutty that he’s either completely unhinged or he’s an… Read More »