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Siri: Not just for when I’m feeling lazy

I’ve been using iOS’s “Siri” feature since it became available, and I’ve always considered it to be a handy function to invoke when I’m feeling lazy: a convenience to use but not a functional necessity. It’s something I use regularly, but just as a short-cut, such as setting a count-down timer when I’ve put a roast in the oven,… Read More »

Don’t upset the Apple Car

By the crazed writing of dozens of desperate tech journalists we’re daily being told of the impending release of an Apple car. We’re told an Apple car is anywhere as ‘soon’ as 2018 and maybe as much as ten years away. We’re told Apple will be producing the car itself, and we’re told Apple will be partnering… Read More »

Pundits, analysts predict between -33, and 17 trillion Apple Watches to be sold

With consumer and industry anticipation for the Apple Watch continuing to grow, tech pundits and financial analysts are clamouring everywhere to estimate the number of devices Apple will sell, both in the first 24 hours after release, and in the time before the Sun turns into a red giant and converts the Earth into a molten ruin.… Read More »

iPhone 6 and those batshit crazy tech pundits…

  As the release of the iPhone 6 draws ever closer, it’s that time again when the realms of batshit crazy tech pundits expands to overflowing as they all work themselves into a click-whore lather of attention-seeking, meaningless headlines. You can barely go anywhere without stumbling over another nonsensical headline. From New York Post: iPhone 6 users… Read More »

Full disclosure

When I purchase a new mobile phone on a contract, one of the little footnotes so handily provided is a minimum total cost disclaimer. For instance, in February, the document I signed for a new phone stated “Minimum cost over 24 months … is $1,920”. It’s easy to enter into a contract with regular payment options clearly stated,… Read More »

On analysts consistently selling down Apple

  In most lines of work, there’s a word we use to describe people who consistently fail at their jobs. Whether it’s a system administrator who constantly does the wrong thing and crashes servers, or a checkout assistant who breaks eggs every time he places them in a bag, or blood test analyst who constantly… Read More »

The Powerless Ones

“They were Gods once, but their worshippers either died out or were converted to the worship of other Gods. They wail and flutter around the edges of reality without substance or even thought. All they have is need.” (“The Hidden City”, David Eddings.) I’m not much of a David Eddings fan these days. These days… Read More »

It's the end of the fracking world!

Oh no! Apple only released the iPhone 4S, not the iPhone 5! It’s the start of the end of the world – it must be, man! It’s like 2012 the movie is real! There must be lots of extra neutrinos hitting the planet now, except instead of starting with earthquakes and crust displacement, they’re screwing… Read More »

I'm a technologist, fanboy

You want to go on a rant about how one platform is better than the others and that anyone who believes otherwise is a mindless zombie captured by the marketing forces of the company you currently loathe? I’ve got news for you, fanboy. Yes, fanboy. You’re a fanboy. You use the word derisively against others who… Read More »