Stop the Boasts

By | 2013/04/28

Tony Abbott: Stop the Boasts

I was listening to Tony Abbott being interviewed by Leigh Sales last week on the 7.30 report, when I finally realised the real, core problem with him. In that interview, he said:

there are many specific policy commitments out there to abolish carbon tax, abolish the mining tax, reduce red tape by a billion dollars a year to stop the boats, to introduce a fair dinkum paid parental leave scheme

You see, Tony spends all his time rabbiting on using sound-bites, such as Stop the Boats, a platitude designed to appeal to xenophobic bogans with a narcissistic lack of humanity.

Tony doesn’t outline us his policies, because he’s content to sit spider-like, in his web, waiting for Australia to get trapped. He makes grandiose statements that he can fix everything that ails us. But that’s all he does – he makes statements. He rarely deigns to take questions on those statements, and even less frequently bothers to give us policy. He tells us a soundbite is the policy. It’s not. So far the biggest actual policy detail we’ve seen announced so far has been the LNP take on the NBN, and that revealed just how inept the LNP under Tony Abbott is at creating real policy. Announcing a “policy commitment” is not providing a policy. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

Tony will undoubtedly keep on insisting he can Stop the Boats.

In return, we need to start demanding Stop the Boasts.

Stop boasting you can solve the asylum seeker problem, Tony. You can’t, you’re part of the problem.

Stop boasting you can stop the carbon tax, Tony, because it just makes you part of the climate change problem.

Stop boasting you can undo education reforms, Tony, because it just makes you part of the education problem.

Stop boasting you can fix the economy, Tony, because the continual LNP ‘doom and gloom’ spin are about the only problem with it at the moment.

Stop boasting you can fix the country, Tony, because the country is doing pretty good.

Stop the boasts, Tony.

Stop the boasts.

6 thoughts on “Stop the Boasts

  1. Rob Luxford

    Superb. This is a form of verbal Kung Fu. Use the power of their entrenched chant, redirect the power straight back. Excellent.

    Once the boats chant is wedgied it makes room for other ideas to permeate. Good timing.

    1. preston Post author

      Thanks! Personally I’d love to see this get some traction. Stop the Boasts would be a fantastic riposte to the constant sound-bites.

  2. Casablanca


    Congratulations! You have many people wishing that they had thought of it first. We are taking it up over at The Political Sword. so the slogan should start to fly.

    1. preston Post author

      Thanks. I’d really like to hope it makes a difference.

  3. Marion Ferguson

    What a come back! You’re right, he is all about sound bites, offering absolutely nothing to anyone with a smidgen of intelligence. He has latched onto the xenophobic and the climate deniers. Should his party win the up coming election, he will have to do a hasty rethink of some of his non-policies, or Australia will be the laughing stock of the planet. Is the man totally blind to what other governments are doing to minimise the effects of climate change? Obviously not. Does he not realise we have an obligation to asylum seekers? Obviously not. Does he think the voters of Australia are stupid? Obviously he does! We have to show him we’re not!

  4. paul walter

    You have your own blog!
    The piece is a good one, not a word out of place.

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