Start date for good government revised

By | 2015/02/11

Ralph WiggumReacting to events of the last few days, senior government figures, speaking on the strict condition of confidentiality, have advised the start date for good government has been revised to somewhere around Q3 2015, perhaps even longer.

“Look, it’s fair to say we jumped the gun on that one”, said the source. “We weren’t really all that ready for good government. We spent years in opposition being highly negative and speaking in three word slogans and frankly it surprised the hell out of us when the population bought it. We didn’t even have our first committee meeting for good government until Monday [9 February].”

It’s understood while the upper echelons of the government are quite convinced it’s now good, few Australians or indeed any sentient creature is of the same opinion.

Meanwhile, with good government still six months or more away (at least), Australia’s long national horror will continue.