Shelving is not canning

By | 2010/07/09

It’s come out today that the Australian Labor Party has “shelved” implementation of the mandatory internet filter until after the election. According to SMH, “Conroy backs down on net filters“:

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has capitulated to widespread concerns over his internet censorship policy and delayed any mandatory filters until at least next year.

Academics, ISP experts, political opponents, the US government and a broad cross-section of community groups have long argued that the plan to block a secret blacklist of “refused classification” web pages for all Australians was fraught with issues, for example, that blocked RC content could include innocuous material.

Having consistently ignored these concerns, Senator Conroy today announced that implementation of his policy would be delayed until a review of RC classification guidelines could be conducted by state and territory censorship ministers.

Any person celebrating this as the “end” of the mandatory internet filter is a fool.

We’ve seen this stunt before from any number of governments ā€“ refer to a committee, or put it into the “too hard” basket until after the election, then after the election if they get back in, claim they had a mandate for something they “shelved”.

Whatever you do, don’t give these people their mandate. The only safe option is to vote Green ā€“ they’re the only main-stream party so far that has emphatically stated their opposition to the filter.