Running on empty

By | 2012/03/18

The interesting thing about sex is that there’s a constant core of sanctimonious puerile obsession about it amongst conservative politicians (world-wide) and religious conservatives/fundamentalists. This obsession with it highlights the great irony of their position – that they’re truly running on empty when it comes to any tangible sense of moral values.

If you think I’m joking, the proof is there, staring everyone in the face:

  • They’re actively working to roll back the reproductive rights of women, in the most forceful and humiliating ways possible – The general message is “if you get pregnant, then, well, that’s your fault for having sex. Live with it, bitch.” States like Mississippi are actively working on life-begins-at-conception bills, which would make abortions at any point illegal – even, likely, in situations of rape or incest. Virginia attempted to enact laws which would require women to have intrusive vaginal ultrasounds prior to abortion. This has been partially rolled back, but the filthy stench of the bill still lingers.
  • Utah recently passed bills not only banning reference to contraception in sex education classes (i.e., making them pathetically “abstinence only”), as well as reference to homosexuality.
  • New Hampshire Republicans passed a law requiring doctors to lie to women, telling them that abortion causes breast cancer.
  • A proposed law in Arizona would allow employers to sack women who are taking birth control pills.
  • Opponents to same-sex marriage continually try to claim that allowing same-sex marriage will lead to allowing pedophiliac marriage, bestial marriage, or child molestation by gay couples.
  • Opponents to same-sex marriage insisting that it’ll lead to young children in school being taught about gay sex.
  • Hundreds of gay men being brutally murdered in Iraq by militias intent on enforcing their twisted and perverted versions of morality on the country.
  • Crazy fundamentalists picketing funerals. Hell, that doesn’t even need a link. We all know who I’m talking about there.

These are people who are so determined to force their view of morality on the world that they completely lose any connection to any moral compass. They are, quite frankly, running on ethical vapours, and the engine is about to stop all together. These people, so called exemplars of excellent behaviour, have in fact become exemplars of evil.

Religion has purported for millennia as being a guardian of human morality. Yet, morality must grow and evolve with the passing of time. To try to force everyone to remain in a particular, blinkered version of morality that impinges on the rights of others for the gratification of a select few is in itself a highly immoral act. If these people have a moral compass at all, it’s pointing due south. Of course, not all religions remain so lock-stepped in ancient self-serving approaches to morality – and those able to modernise are in fact starting to speak strongly against their causes being usurped by lost creatures.

I actually pity these lost creatures: their lives are so empty and lost that they seek to fill it with notions of morality and upstanding behaviour so far removed from reality that they stand isolated from real society, unable to partake in joy in any real tangible form. They lead hollow, meaningless lives – for how else can you describe a life spent trying to deny others their rights? There’s nothing positive or productive in what they do. When they’re gone, they’ll have not contributed to the world, other than as a demonstration of negative behaviour.

They’re running on empty.