Rampant WTFery

By | 2012/01/09

In “Time for gay marriage to get the nod in Australia” (Herald Sun), Susie O’Brien argues:

We should encourage the bigoted, homophobic opponents of gay marriage to come forward and justify their desire to discriminate.

The vitriol levelled at Susie and gays in the comments exemplifies a lot of those attitudes:

Rampant Stupidity

Not only is it a sad inditement of the progress yet to be made on full rights for the GBLTIQ community, it really does make you pull back and ask … What The Fuck?

Sadly, it wasn’t the first time I’d read the “dinosaurs turned gay” argument, so I wasn’t surprised. That anyone could possibly in any logical or coherent way think that we understand enough of animals that died out tens of millions of years ago (or more popularly theorised now, evolved into birds) that we ‘know’ they all turned gay and stopped reproducing is staggering.

The “find a cure” argument is one that saddens me, since it assumes that homosexuality is a disease. As the old saying goes – homosexuality has been documented in hundreds of species, but homophobia has only been documented in one. In that scenario, what is natural, and what needs to be cured?

The continual notion of comparing same-sex marriage to marriage between humans and animals, or humans and corpses, or humans and iPods, etc., is just ridiculous. In each situation it tries to equate the decision entered into by two free thinking individuals with a “decision” made between one free-thinking individual and one inanimate object or animal. This is best countered with this excellent post over at Buzzfeed.

Susie is 100% right – it’s time to let the bigots to dish out all their arguments, so that they can be exposed to the harsh light of logic and compassion, so that we can organise help for these sad individuals and create a society where all people, regardless of sexuality, gender, race or belief (or atheism/agnosticism) can live freely and equally.