Queensland goes to the polls

By | 2015/01/06

Premier Campbell Newman today called a snap election in Queensland. Seizing on Tony Abbott currently being out of the country, Newman announced an election would be held on January 31.

Queensland VotesThe premier’s office was not asked whether it would confirm or deny that Newman began visibly shaking at his press conference when told that Tony Abbott might be out of the country now, but would be back in time for the election. Nevertheless, he did manage to slip in that Tony was “not needed” for the Queensland election.

Many voters in Queensland agree. Those who have been disenfranchised by Newman’s appalling treatment of the public service, health workers, other essential services and human rights in general are all perfectly happy to vote against his government with or without Tony Abbott standing by his side. Others who are perhaps undecided about how decidedly unpleasant, short-sighted and narrow-minded Newman’s government has been will get to spend the next 25 days contemplating the bastardry of the Federal Liberal/National coalition government before heading into the voting booths.