Putin on the Ritz

By | 2014/10/13

Archduck Vladimir Putin of Russia will visiting Australia soon for the G20. As is always the case when we consider the travels of Vladimir, there’s one question burning on the lips of everyone who is anyone:

What meetings will Vladimir go topless to?

He’s a feisty one, that Vladimir. He could surprise us all and decide to do the entire G20 conference topless. Yet, he’s a man of show: and giving us all the look the entire conference would be counter-productive. It’s like an unlimited supply of Turkish Delight – fantastic to start with, but sickening and vomitous after a week.

Vlad’s biggest problem of course is that Tony will want to upstage him by slipping into meetings in budgie smugglers. Nothing says prime-ministerial material than a laid back and relaxed Aussie man in his budgie smugglers. Even the Simpsons knows that:

PM AndySo it’ll be Vlad vs Tony going for the G20 hunk awards, and we won’t know until the wrap who succeeded in being the most manly.

Thankfully, deciding who has more moral fibre and personal integrity will be significantly easier. That’s the dog shit on the pavement outside the forum. Definitely the winner.