Play with my mind (and I'll play with yours)

By | 2011/06/26

I love word play. Hell, I love words – why call something green for instance, when you could instead call it chrysoprase? In this sense, I’m probably a bad IT person. (Queue the dodgy music: “You’ve been a Very. Bad. Geek! Learning non-technical words!”)

But more than word play, I love mind play. I’m not talking mind games. Playing mind games is usually a symptom of being an arsehole. I may be unsane, but I do my best to avoid being an arsehole. Mind play though is about having fun while exploring life, words and expressions.

Something I periodically remind people is that I’d rather have a few deep friends I can be very silly with than hundreds of silly friends I can never be deep with. Mind play is about that silliness.

Mind play is about chatting and being able to go off onto the most random of tangents, and having people tag along for the ride – or you being pulled along in their wake. You might say, it’s about being prepared to go to the sorts of places that Ross Noble goes as part of his show. (See here, “Never put a blanket on an owl” for an example.)

When you do go off on such a tangent, and everyone tags along, you all learn something about each other. It’s also about treating life as fun. Playing mind games is acknowledging the inner child. Too many people when they “grow up” actually grow flat. Life is too short (and then it’s over forever) to be mournfully serious all the time.

Mind play is like pulling up at the traffic lights, seeing kids in the car beside you, and pulling a funny face at them. Have you ever seen the reaction of kids to an unknown adult pulling a funny face? Not a mean face, but the sort of silly face that kids pull at each other. It’s priceless. You’ve just given them the giggles for a day without having to get dressed up as a clown.

So, play with my mind and I’ll play with yours. And I promise not to break anything.