No Tony, you and your cronies will be wrong

By | 2011/03/26

Tonight NSW Labor will likely see the biggest landslide against it in Australian political history. The population of the state has overwhelmingly decided the election is a moot point: after years of not being governed by the NSW Labor government, everyone is tired. 16 years rule by one party is too long in Australian politics. NSW Labor has demonstrated the worst effects of such longevity: cronyism, nepotism, graft, scandal and a complete lack of ideas is just the tip of the iceberg.

And so, short of Barry O’Farrell being filmed casting his vote this morning while doing an unspeakable act with a goat, the chances of NSW Labor clinging onto power is a pipe dream only in the minds of the most delusional members of the electorate.

But, the real question is – how long will it take Tony Abbott to claim that the NSW election victory by the Liberal party is actually a “resounding” or “emphatic” repudiation by the electorate against Federal Labor, and particularly Federal Labor’s proposed Carbon Tax?

I’m betting under just under 28 seconds. That, after all, is how long it takes an idiot to put his brain into gear (apparently). And when he does claim that it’s been a referendum on the carbon tax you can safely bet just one thing: that anyone who believes him would also believe “Hmmm, I just made a sandwich using some fresh dog shit. It’s SO TASTY.” That’ll just be O for Awesome.